From traditional crafts to new technology - with the same values

The Lenhovda radiators have been heating the Swedish homes since year 1936. Many of the earliest produced radiators works perfectly yet today - and our aim is to deliver radiators with at least the same sustainability.

In year 1936 the limited company Lenhovda Radiator Factory was founded, as a complement to Norrhults foundry.
Year 1937 was the first radiators delivered by proud employees on Lenhovda Radiator Factory. The radiators were manufactured entirely handcrafted in small premises.


During the coming decades new facilities have been built in stages. Several generations of production machines have been installed and later replaced with new, more contemporary technology.


Co-workers have begun and althought some have passed on to other companies plenty of them have had their genesis in the factory throughout their working lives.


Lenhovda Radiator Factory is, since 2002, the only manufacturers on the Swedish market and is now competing against foreign suppliers. We daily prove that Swedish production is possible.