About us

Lenhovda Radiator Factory will not settle for a generation of radiator production, or just being a part of the Swedish industrial history. We aim to be a modern and an effective supplier now as well as in the future.

We are purposefully focusing on a flexible and cost-effective factory that develop the knowledge we have collected during several generations. Expansions, investments and changes occurs in a balanced pace in step with the market and the environment. At our factory nothing is impossible. Our knowledge and our products will make Lenhovda Radiator Factory the unaffected choice if you are in need of room heating.


An important part of our offer is our knowledge - knowledge that we gladly share with you . Based on what you want, we will help you find what you need. Please try our tools
- Sizing Guide and Power Calculation.

The original classics

In our sectional radiators , you will find the original classics. We also have a complete range of panel radiators and convectors . Our specialty is our flexibility with custom-made radiators in small series - completely suited for your needs!
We are proud to be the radiator manufacturer of Sweden - firmly entrenched in the middle of Småland.